GET RICH In 30 Minutes: Four Easy Practical Steps to Make Money


“So, are you ready to get rich in 30 minutes?” “Is that even possible?” “It, of course, is, if you change your attitude towards (how you can make) money!”

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Besides, I also guarantee that by the time you finish reading this book, which might take 30 minutes or so on average, you will have become rich, within yourself. You will also learn what money is, the best ways you can make money and some of the fastest ways through which you can get rich! This isn’t any self-affirmation guide. This book is full of practical tips that you can put into practice in real life and see the results for yourself. For me, during the course of my learning, it was an art. Now, since it is learned, understood and assimilated, I have converted it into as much of a science as possible. The steps given in this book are easy, practical and definitive! This book is also meant to be universally applicable and not meant for one particular region or continent, as the steps detailed in the book can be applicable in almost all parts of the world. Local laws and certain nuances may differ from one region to another but the book by default and intention suggests only legal ways of getting rich! “If we have only a very narrow understanding or attitude towards money, we will neither make enough money nor get rich ever.” “The paradigm shift in attitude from simplistic cause and effect (work and reward) assumptions on money to embracing the slight grey area around how money is made can make you rich.” Three Easy Ways to Make Money: 1) Don’t be too honest and righteous 2) It is good to learn legal ways of tax avoidance 3) It is okay to use Other People’s Money (OPM) “The real trick is in not attracting most of the usual taxes on your income by changing the terms through which you get paid.” “Business can hardly happen without talking deals. Much of what I’ve done in business resulted out of talking deals with others. You have to talk deals with creditors, investors, banks, landlords, raw material suppliers, equipment suppliers, customers, buyers and clients. So, basically there is no business without talking deals.” “Large establishments can keep growing for an indefinite period of time with all their power and might but they will also reach saturation sooner than a new entrant into the business. New entrants in an industry are always a threat to the existing players. With innovation, you will be surprised how existing competition is uprooted to make way for you because nature loves innovation, innovators and new way of doing things. Your ability and flexibility to adapt will sure break the rigid structure of an existing corporation.” “So, you make way for yourself, when you see something from a completely different vantage point. Even if the reality you believe in is based on fact, you can create new facts, as long as it is not hard science. You can create new logic and override existing ones.” “Most of the investors trust human potential more than anything else, as it is other people that make their money for them.” “Almost 90% of the billionaires have become rich by leveraging other people’s money. Most billionaires’ stories are usually rags to riches and there have been very few instances of heirs carrying a legacy forward.” “Classically, Steve Jobs started out of a garage. So did Jeff Bezos. Mark Zuckerberg didn’t have all the money to make it big; neither did Bill Gates nor did Warren Buffett. Almost all of them leveraged other people’s money to become billionaires. It is not the most difficult thing to earn investors’ trust.” “You can invest only very few thousand dollars. The size of your investment may grow into millions or even billions of dollars!”

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